Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to communicate with precise, crystal clear interactions throughout any campaign or inquiry. Experienced, calculated and proven negotiating strategies that continue to create benchmarks in the industry. Comprehensive and empathetic approach in service to all vendors, landlords and clients.

Investment and development advice that will address all aspects in preparation for submissions to authorities.

An independent, complete and formidable real estate service.

We are not influenced by any franchise direction, any media house promotion or any rewarded plan of priority. We are just interested in uncompromised factual results.

Only RIZCORP real estate has marketing strategies that are based on these actual independent results. RIZCORP real estate will not base any research survey that are funded by a media sources to show outcome to support the entity funding the research!

We ask the questions that no other agent has the courage to ask.

Our philosophy is to efficiently and effective expose our properties to the whole world in the most economically and effective manner.

Not duplicate, no over charge and no forced persistence to advertise in places that are just to promote logos of agents. We don't need to make quotas to any franchise.

Therefore we focus on where each property individually will be best placed to sell, rather than place it in every possible media and outlet for the sake of quotas and achieving minimum contracts for the office and franchisor.

We refuse to waste our clients marketing money by creating a fear and exaggerated sales ploy to worry vendors in spending more in uncharted or non proven facilities purely to contribute to a continuum of a brand.

At RIZCORP Real Estate we let our clients do the promoting for us.

RIZCORP Real Estate....... the only agency with a silver lining.

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